A How To Play The LottoMax Guide (for dummies)

  1. Go to the store (7/11 or Mac's or any place that sells lotteries)
    and get yourself a LottoMax playing slip. It looks like below
    LottoMax playing slip

  2. Take a look at the left half of the slip.
    You'll be marking down your plays here.
    LottoMax play area

  3. As an example here, I have marked down 7 numbers for 1 play.
    You can mark more plays if you wish (up to 5 plays per slip).
    Make sure you try to mark the numbers as well as you can
    (as some machines are not sensitive enough to read your lightly marks
    You can mark it with a pen or pencil as long as you cover most of the number
    LottoMax played area

  4. Now look at the right half of the slip.
    Here you can mark down number of Extras you want to play
    I don't usually play the Extra so I just don't mark them
    And to the far left, You can select how many draws you want to play
    If you just want to play the one time like this coming Friday, don't mark anything
    If you want to play for more draws for example 2 Fridays in a row, the mark the 2
    LottoMax extra & draws area

  5. That's it. Now take the marked slip and give it to a clerk that
    sells lotteries at the store. The clerk will scan your slip and give
    you your ticket.

  6. Hang onto your ticket, until the after the draw date (the coming Friday).
    Check your numbers to see if you've won the Jackpot or other prizes
    You can use the little lottery ticket checker scanner at the store
    yourself before you give it to the clerk to check.

  7. Don't toss your your ticket until you have doubled checked it with
    the lottery ticket checker scanner at the store (because of human error)
    There have been many occasions where my uncle thought he didn't win anything
    then when I double checked with the machine, it says he won something

    Good luck!!!
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