It is currently 01 Mar 2021, 04:17

Image Pixel Count approximation tool

Here we have Image Pixel Count (Width/Height) Approximation tool for artists/crafters.

1. Browse to a local image file on your PC.
2. Click top left corner to define where grid starts (any click in the North West quadrant defines top left).
3. Click bottom right corner to define where grid ends (any click in the South East quadrant defines bottom right).
4. Click up/down arrow buttons provided to adjust your grid (pixel size).
5. When the grid generally matches your image pixels, then you can read the width/height that'll give you
an approximation of image's pixel count
6. Once you're happy with pixel size, you can toggle draw mode to see between transparent grid
and solid colors (based on average colors of original image).
7. Optionally, you can save image by right clicking on image.