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Meme Generator (Watermark-free)

Here we have a basic Meme Generator (watermark-free).

1A. Click on "browse" button to browse to a local image file on your PC.
1B. OR Paste/type in an image URL (online) and click "Load from URL"
2. Start typing Top Text. Optionally change the size.
3. Start typing Bottom Text. Optionally change the size.
4. Change other options as needed.
5. Once you're happy with meme, you can save meme as image by Right-clicking on image and choose "Save Image As...".
6. If you've used an online image URL for the meme, you'll get a link to the meme as well
Be sure to use public-domain images so that you don't violate any copyrights
...That's it!

Load from local file:
Load from URL:
Text size:
Text size:
Top background area size:
Bottom background area size:
Sides background area size:
Text Color:
Text-Border Color:
Background Color:

Sample Meme 1 (Dog wearing glasses)
Sample Meme 2 (Cat's reaction)
Sample Meme 3 (Funny Llama)
Sample Meme 4 (Funny monkies)
Sample Inspiration Quote (Dog wearing glasses)
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