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by Issabella
Today, 09:55
Forum: GIMP Python Fu Scripts
Topic: Tile matching Script
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Re: Tile matching Script

Thank you so much Tin for this new script. I did three tries with different tiles for the same photo. Here my results. :thank_you:
by Issabella
Today, 08:55
Forum: GIMPed
Topic: Double Exposure Effects (results)
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Re: Double Exposure Effects (results)

Pat, OMG is always so talented and he is who sets the bar very high. :lol:
by Issabella
Today, 08:51
Forum: GIMPed
Topic: 2018 Valentine's Day Card (contribute please)
Replies: 73
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Re: 2018 Valentine's Day Card (contribute please)

Nice contributions and designs. Pat and Leopardo :gimp_clap:
by Issabella
Today, 08:49
Forum: GIMPed
Topic: the Leopard-40 gallery
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Re: the Leopard-40 gallery

Leopardo, I like your creations a lot. designs and colour come always so neatly. :gimp_clap:
by Issabella
Today, 05:51
Forum: GIMP Tutorials
Topic: How to create a double exposure effect
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Re: How to create a double exposure effect

You're welcome, Nancy. Happy you can practise it and I see your result really good. :happy_purple:
David, I'm so happy you find this tutorial excellent. Wow! I love your creation and your great realisation. :gimp_clap:
Thank you David.
by Issabella
Today, 00:42
Forum: GIMP Resources
Topic: Custom Fonts for GIMP
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Re: Custom Fonts for GIMP

Thanks Alan and Graechan. A great font.
by Issabella
Today, 00:39
Forum: GIMPed
Topic: Close to realistic Cheries ( from scratch, testing)
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Re: Close to realistic Cheries ( from scratch, testing)

Wow! How real you did it, Conbagui. I love your result. :gimp_clap: