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Render Map and Render Forest manual additions/improvements

Post#1 by tim » 16 Jul 2017, 18:05

These are optional steps that can be used to improve the map
after running Render Map Script
and Render Forest Script

After rendering map (script).
1. (Scripted) Turn everything off above Land Clip layer
2. (Scripted) Levels Land Clip layer and make it really dark with output white to reveal more features in the ocean.
3. (Scripted) New from visible and name it "Ocean bump layer"
4. (Scripted) Add a middle gray layer above "Sea" layer, bump map using "Linear" 120,45, play with levels. OVERLAY MODE.

5. (Scripted) Turn down opacity of Seashore. maybe 50%.

6. (Scripted) Make a copy "Ocean bump layer" move it above "Sea" layer OVERLAY MODE to darken sea. maybe opacity 50%

7. (NOT SCRIPTED) Rivers. draw black (fuzzy brush) on mask of "Grass" layer to get ocean. With the mask of "Grass" layer blur then sharpen
to get rivers more defined.

8. (NOT SCRIPTED) maybe use the mask of "Grass" layer as bump map for grass layer to define rivers and coast more.

After rendering forest (script).
1. (NOT SCRIPTED) Add a noise level of small size maybe 7.5 or 4. This creates random darkness and lightness and adds features to the whole map

2. (NOT NEEDED, personally i think it looks better without shadows) Maybe try drop shadow on forest (applied masked layer) offset x 1 offset y 1 and blur 1.

4. (Scripted) Maximum solid noise "Tree Noise".

5. (Scripted) Hide "Forest" layer. Gauss blur 5 and Noise Spread 5 the Mask of "Tree Noise" and copy this mask to
"Tree Color 1", "Tree Color 2", "Tree Color 3" and "Tree bumps".

6. (Scripted) for less dense forest, use Tree bumps layer as 50% overlay for extra bumps for less dense to stand out.

7. (Scripted) Add snow. Add a White lighten only layer on top of "Moutain Bump map". Levels and clip it so that only peaks of moutains are showing
Use that make a "Snow Mask". New from visible. Then gradient map using water 1 and water 2. Add mask using "Snow Mask".
Move this layer above "Mountain color" layer to make it look like snow on mountain peak, Gauss blur 5 Noise Spread 5 the mask.
And the mountain bump maps should act on it just like mountains except it's now snow.
mountain_top_with_snow.png # (467.67 KiB) Viewed 284 times (Watermarked | Thumbnail)
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